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Dr. Kovan helped me with my graduate school application essays and résumé / cover letter for Harvard University. 

I was accepted. She is a true editor extraordinaire! —Hezron K.

Dr. Kovan reviewed and suggested a remake of my résumé. She work with me and created a fantastic résumé. I would

recommend her for your résumé update or creation. —Frank G.

Dr. Kovan's work for me was professional and thorough.  She listened to my comments and incorporated them into the

writing so that I was presented with a piece that encompassed all that was being asked of me and at the same time felt

personal and unpretentious.  I will definitely use her services again. —Leela L.

Dr. Kovan is by far a true edit guru. She whipped my résumé into shape and created a cover letter that is superior to

any I have ever seen. After immediately scoring the job of my dreams (it took less than a week), she is now my go-to

person for all of my sensitive writing projects. I consistently seek her advice in professional matters, as her doctorate

in Clinical Psychology positions her to be much more than a stellar editor--she is an excellent stress manager, a

calming force, and for me, a true good luck charm. I HIGHLY recommend her without reservations. —Daniel M.

Dr. Kovan took my résumé and cover letter and made them both outstanding. I was accepted for an interview within a

few days of posting them and I got the job! She is a magic maker. If you have the opportunity to have her work on your

résumé and cover letter, DO IT!  —Jenna Y.

Dr. Rebecca in three words "Saved My Biscuits" on the final stretch of my journey to receive my doctorate degree.

Four editors later, Dr. Rebecca transformed my dissertation into a masterpiece and I successfully completed my

doctoral program requirements. I highly recommend Dr. Rebecca -- You get exactly what you pay for (and then some).

She is a responsive and excellent editor, acutely aware of deadlines, and very personable. For future writing

projects, I plan to use Dr. Rebecca. I am a happy camper!  Dr. Bonita C.

Dr. Kovan is a wonderful editor. Whether your editing need is scholastic or professional, her skills are brilliant. Dr.

Kovan proofread my Master's research paper and did a thorough job pointing out areas of my thinking that needed

strengthening, showed me a few places to improve transitions, and corrected my punctuation errors. Great service!

Thank you, Dr. Kovan! — T. H.

You will get so much more than just an editor, when you hire Dr. Rebecca.  I began searching for an editor during my

undergraduate work and used three passable editors before I found Dr. Rebecca.  I required someone willing to work

through the challenges faced by a student with dyslexia and by my department's two error maximum allowed in the

requirements for APA format, flawless sentence structure, punctuation and spelling—all enormous challenges for

me.  Dr Rebecca always helped me with her informal teaching methods and made me feel capable of achieving my

deadlines and my goals.  She willingly worked with my hectic school schedule and returned my marked up papers to

me on the date agreed or earlier, so I could make revisions and return them to her for the final review before

submission.  I never missed a class assignment deadline and always learned from her intuitive mark ups to clearly

state the point I was trying to make.  My grades went from C+ to consistent A's and I was proud to submit papers for

grading, rather than unsure and stressed out.  Dr. Rebecca assisted me with scholarship essays, fellowship essays,

graduate school applications, and my final graduate term project.  Throughout my graduate studies, Dr. Rebecca was

the telephone voice that would calm me down when I wigged out about various aspects of massive research

and writing projects.    Dr. Rebecca is why I succeeded in achieving my goals for my masters degree, graduated with 

an MS, and enjoyed the process.  I highly recommend her. —
Antoinette D.

Rebecca helped me get through the final hurdles of my dissertation. She was incredibly thorough, knowledgeable of

the process, and a terrific person who got the job done quickly. Her rates were more than reasonable and I would use

her services again in a second.  Everyone should have such a positive experience with an editor! —Jo B.

I have used Rebecca for some time now for my masters work, she is a expert at what she does. My MBA program

believes in lots of papers, which would be quite impossible without her help. I have learning disabilities so Rebecca

has been essential to complete the tasks at hand and I will use her services for many years to come. You can send

her a diatribe and she'll make it a dissertation. Small or big job, she's up for it... Quick turn around no problem. Special

requests or help shaping your ideas into paragraphs, she has the ability to make it stellar. She's so good you do not

have to check in or do countless meetings, she gets it the first time and will have it on time. Her a ability to calm in the

midst of the storm and be a beacon of hope is truly amazing. As others have mentioned she is a PHD; with that much

talent its hard to find someone with credentials and ability, who will help you out.  My only regret is not finding her

sooner... —Dan H.

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